Geocell Of Road Rehabilitation

Geocell Of Road Rehabilitation

Geocell is essentially an HDPE cellular confinement system and is a proven solution for load support,earth retention,slope protection,and channel applications.
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Geocell is essentially an HDPE cellular containment system, a proven solution that can be used for load support, earth conservation, slope protection and access applications. Geocell is inert to chemicals found in nature.

The cellular system provides a permanent flexible form that can adapt to the shape and grade of the soil. When filled with non-sticky material, the geonet forms a rigid mat that can distribute the applied load.

Traditional road construction methods limit the traffic flow before the final paving, while the geographic cellular restriction system allows vehicles to be piled immediately when paving the road, saving natural resources and time and saving customers a lot of money. Now, this road will also require fewer maintenance cycles.

Geocell of road rehabilitation can use filling materials on-site, and reclaiming old materials as filling materials will not have a great impact on the stability of the roadbed, which greatly reduces the cost of reconstruction.

Geocell Of Road Rehabilitation


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