Geocell Mining Solution

Geocell Mining Solution

The confinement reduces the amount of topsoil needed to support vegetation and promotes plant growth and landscape restoration.
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Where there are brownfield,mine and other abandoned sites in need of mitigation and rehabilitation,there should be HCNS Geocells, which can be used to construct cost-effective earth stabilization structures,protect landfill geomembranes and create durable roads for heavy construction equipment or end-users after rehabilitation.

The mining field is rolled by heavy machinery and equipment throughout the year, which has high requirements for the bearing capacity of the roadbed. Geocell was originally a new type of synthetic material designed for the section of road the tank passed. Geocell Mining Solution has largely solved the problem of high load on the roadbed.

The construction of the traditional mine roadbed is neither environmentally friendly nor economical, and it is prone to cracks inside. Geocell Mining Solution greatly reduces the maintenance cost in the later period, and its service life is greatly extended.

Geocell Mining Solution

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