Geocell for Ports and Container Yards

Geocell for Ports and Container Yards

HDPE delivers a perfect balance of strength and flexibility— as well as consistent performance characteristics allowing it to withstand the most demanding project applications.
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There are usually two main problems in the construction of ports and container yards, each of which affects construction decisions and long-term maintenance:

 Heavy pressure from container stacks
        Uneven ground settlement

Typical methods of improving such sites include strengthening the foundation by installing prefabricated vertical drainage pipes (PVD) and pre-imposing additional costs to the area. This is a slow process because the surcharge is charged in stages and settlements need to be closely monitored. Stockpiling usually involves a lot of earthwork to gradually reach the final load, which is usually equal to the load to be transferred from the load system.

Geocell for Ports and Container Yards incorporate a geocell layer in the paving to reduce the pressure on the subsoil. This provides a thinner pavement design without sacrificing load carrying capacity or safety. Combined with easy-to-place fillers, geocell solves the differential settlement problem and provides a uniform working environment.

Geocell for Ports and Container Yards has many advantages:

(1) Compared with traditional methods, it can save up to 15% of cost
       (2) Quick installation
       (3)Use cheap local materials
       (4)Extend service life and reduce maintenance costs
       (5) Load distribution ensures that the bearing pressure is within a safe range in uniform settlements and even workplaces





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