Geomembrane For Flood

Geomembrane For Flood

The geogrid has excellent hydropower characteristics, the porosity of the geotextile is excellent, the porosity reaches about 90%, and the ability to absorb water and soil is strong. It is very suitable for drainage pipes and filter layers of various engineering projects.
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Soil heavy metal pollution control adopts a three-layer anti-seepage method, one layer of non-woven geotextile, two layers of 2 mm thick HDPE geomembrane, and another layer of non-woven geotextile, namely

In the traditional flood prevention and emergency rescue, the safety of various housing constructions are key to adopting two countermeasures. One is safety protection, that is, to prevent the occurrence of danger; the second is emergency rescue, that is, once a danger occurs, measures must be taken quickly.

Common traditional materials for flood control and emergency rescue are earth, machine sand, sand and gravel and their woven bags, hemp bags, etc. They have excellent actual effects as flood control materials and are still the key materials for flood control and rescue today. They have many advantages of being widely sourced and adaptable to local conditions. However, they also have large net weight and volume, difficult transportation and transportation, low labor efficiency, and slow engineering construction. , The quality of construction is not easy to be ensured and other issues.

Geomembrane for flood is compared with traditional flood fighting methods: its project investment is low, construction technology is simple and construction period is shortened.

Advantages of Geomembrane for flood:
       (1) It has excellent characteristics of hydroelectric power generation, the fine porosity of geotextiles, the porosity reaches about 90%, and the water absorption and soil preservation work ability is strong. It is very suitable for drainage pipes and filter layers of various engineering projects.

(2) It has high compressive strength, ductility and performance, can resist the effect of external force, and is suitable for different geomorphological standards.

(3) Geomembrane can disconnect and converge the leakage in the soil, and can discharge the leakage into the soil along the vertical textile plan or the parallel textile plan.

(4) The geomembrane will separate the soil, sand and gravel materials with different characteristics or different mix ratios to prevent them from being mixed with each other, thereby ensuring the construction quality of the project.

Geomembrane For Flood

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