Application field of Geotextile

- Nov 06, 2019-

Geotextile is a very good fiber material, which is often used in ordinary life, and after some process improvements, the material can also be used in some areas that we do not understand, playing a better role. For example, in some older houses, if there is a problem of water leakage, this kind of data can be used. For example, when dealing with the aging problem of waterproof layer, the anti leakage performance of geotextile and geomembrane can be applied to deal with the problem, which can achieve relatively good results.Geotextile For Slope Protection

On the other hand, geotextile can also be applied to some decoration processes. For example, if this kind of data is directly attached to the wall and then covered by a layer of data, it is equivalent to giving the wall a higher anti-seepage performance. The water seepage condition of the wall surface is very low. So this point can also be applied in many projects. They are clear about the waterproof ability of geotextile and geomembrane, and what can be brought to them.Geotextile For Slope Protection

Geotextiles, such as polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, and so on, provide higher performance of cloth, such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance. These characteristics can help to use this material for a longer time, and it can also be applied to more applications in life.Geotextile For Slope Protection