Application of Uniaxial Geogrid in soft foundation treatment

- Sep 29, 2020-

The Uniaxial Geogrid is made of polypropylene plate through perforation and unidirectional stretching. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation, good stability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging (design service life of 120 years), wide use temperature (-50℃~120℃), etc. It has been widely used in slope protection, It is a new type of material in the construction industry in projects such as soft foundation treatment, reinforced soil retaining walls and some high-load-bearing structures.

1. Used in conjunction with sand cushion to reinforce the foundation

The Uniaxial Geogrid has mechanical properties such as higher tensile strength and toughness, and can be closely attached to the surface of the foundation, so that the load applied on the upper part can be evenly distributed in the stratum, thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the foundation and reducing the amount of ground settlement.


2. Reduce differential settlement at the bottom of the roadbed

When the bagged sand well is used to reinforce the soft foundation, the Uniaxial Geogrid and the sand cushion layer together serve as a layer. This layer has a stiffness different from that of the road basic body and the soft soil foundation. The embankment body load is transmitted to In the soft soil foundation, it is not only the horizontal drainage system of the drainage consolidation method to strengthen the soft foundation, but also the flexible raft foundation of the roadbed, thereby reducing the differential settlement of the bottom of the roadbed.


The soft soil roadbed is mainly reinforced by Uniaxial Geogrid, which can effectively improve the shear strength of the soft soil foundation, enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, improve the compressibility of the foundation soil, reduce the uneven settlement of the foundation, and delay the settlement of the foundation soil Speed; At the same time, it can save packing, reduce project cost, and greatly shorten construction period.