Are geomembrane and impermeable membrane the same?

- Mar 18, 2021-

Strictly speaking, geomembrane and anti-seepage membrane are two different new types of anti-seepage and waterproof membranes.

The similarities between geomembrane and impermeable membrane:

The similarity between geomembrane and impermeable membrane is only in their appearance, color and some additives, etc. The color of geomembrane and impermeable membrane products is usually black, and the appearance is usually a roll of waterproof membrane, and the raw materials are all Partially selected HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for processing and production.

The difference between geomembrane and impermeable membrane:
The main application areas of geomembrane are also completely different from impermeable membranes. Geomembrane is generally used in landfill anti-seepage, artificial lake anti-seepage, tailings landfill anti-seepage, artificial river anti-seepage, landscape pond anti-seepage, road and railway anti-seepage reinforcement and tunnel anti-seepage engineering, etc.

       In addition to the application fields of geomembrane, anti-seepage membranes are also mainly used in aquaculture anti-seepage and waterproof, roof garden waterproof and root-proof, basement waterproof and moisture-proof and oil tank foundation anti-seepage engineering, etc.

In summary, geomembrane and anti-seepage membrane are actually two different new waterproof materials. Impermeable membranes are more expensive than geomembranes, have a wider range of applications, and have more reliable material quality; Impermeable membranes are an upgraded product of geomembrane, so we can say that impermeable membranes are geomembranes, but geomembrane cannot be said to Permeation.

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