Basic requirements for Geotextile laying

- Jan 04, 2020-

1. The joint shall intersect the slope line; the distance between the horizontal joint and the slope toe shall be greater than 1.5m where there is balance or possible stress.

2. On the slope surface, one end of the geotextile shall be anchored, and then the coiled material shall be laid down on the slope surface to ensure that the geotextile is kept in a tight state.

3. All geotextiles shall be pressed with sandbags, which will be used during laying and retained until the upper layer of material is laid.

Geotextile laying process requirements:

1. Base inspection: check whether the base is flat and solid. If there is any foreign matter, it shall be handled properly.

2. Trial laying: determine the size of geotextile according to the site conditions, and trial lay it after cutting. The cutting size shall be accurate.

3. Check whether the width of the Salar is appropriate, and the lap joint shall be flat and moderately tight.

4. Positioning: use the hot air gun to bond the overlapping parts of the two geotextiles, and the distance between the bonding points shall be appropriate.

5. When stitching the overlapping parts, the suture shall be straight and even.

6. After stitching, check whether the geotextile is laid flat and whether there are defects.

7. If there is any unqualified phenomenon, it shall be repaired in time.