Geocell cushion treatment of foundation speed

- Apr 16, 2019-

Geocell cushion treatment of foundation speed

(1) Before laying the ground cover of Geocell,first level the garden,clean the topsoil,and dry the surface water.

(2) Laying the first layer of Geocell on the basis,laying the net from the loop wire* of the penalty section,laying the Geocell net vertically one by one along the route of the well,and laying it forward one by one.Horizontally paving the Geocell It is connected with the longitudinal blind groove on both sides of the embankment.The overlapping length of the adjacent Geocell is 20cm,and the overlapping edges are fastened with the u-shaped nails.In addition,Geocell should be removed from the embankment by a 2.5m circle to ensure stability.Then 40cm thick,3~6cm diameter gravel is laid on the Geocell.After leveling the Geocell,use the light roller to vibrate and crush 3-5 Second,then put a geotextile on the gravel layer,and finally start layering and filling.

(3) Before laying the foundation of Geocell,it should be layered and filled to meet the requirements of the corresponding examples.In addition,the truck should be restricted from rolling directly on the laying and tensioning Geocell.

(4) Geocell should control the filling speed of embankment during construction,strengthen the observation of settlement and lateral displacement,and prevent the embankment from being unstable.Conclusion In recent years,geotextiles and Geocells have become more and more popular in underground engineering.Geocell plays different roles in different applications such as cutting,seepage prevention,reinforcement,filtration drainage,and protection.It is believed that the application prospects of geotextiles and Geocell in future road and urban road configuration projects will become more and more broad.