Geocell Green Faced Retaining Walls

- Feb 20, 2021-

Retaining wall refers to a structure that supports subgrade fill or hillside soil to prevent deformation and instability of the fill or soil. It can prevent the roadbed slope or base from sliding, ensure the stability of the roadbed, and at the same time shrink the fill slope toe, reduce the amount of fill, reduce demolition and land occupation, and protect existing buildings adjacent to the line.

The geocell is another kind of retaining wall that can directly use grass seeds. The vegetation retaining wall is self-locking and is an organic combination of the retaining wall and the vegetation retaining wall. It consists of self-locking planting blocks, reinforcing materials, water injection and soil filters. Utilizing the advantages of geocells can make the vegetation retaining wall obtain greater economic benefits in terms of construction, greening and maintenance. The construction speed is fast and the overall ecological effect is strong.

Geocell vegetation retaining wall is suitable for any geological conditions and can be specially used for water saving and gardens. Due to the unique technical structure of the self-locking block, it can be constructed in various special art forms according to the needs of the project. Due to the light weight of the wall, it can be widely used in special soils such as soft soil, silty soil and expansive soil.