Geocell is a product of the veteran level in geotechnical materials.

- Apr 19, 2019-

Geocell is a product of the veteran level in geotechnical materials.Geocell has highlighted its important position in the process of opening geotechnical materials.It is the product of its open forward.In the past,it has not been used in many boundaries.Geocell has advanced Filtration,drainage,insulation,reinforcement,and protection.Geocell has the characteristics of light weight,high tensile strength,good permeability,low temperature resistance,freeze resistance,aging resistance and corrosion resistance.In the process of application,Geocell has the effect of improving utilization.

1.When water flows from the fine soil layer into the coarse soil layer,the excellent gas permeability and water permeability of Geocell are applied to make the water flow through,and the soil particles,fine sand and small stones are ineffective,so as to adhere to the water and soil engineering.shock.

2.Geocell has excellent water guiding effect,Geocell may wish to form a drainage channel outside the soil,the excess liquid in the soil structure and the external raft.

3.When the water flow washes the soil,the Geocell failure will aggregate the stress distribution,convey or decompose,and prevent the soil from being crushed by the external force,which shelters the soil.