​Geogrid's paving area is relatively flat.

- Apr 11, 2019-

Geogrid's paving area is relatively flat. After the experience of the paving layer is accepted, in order to prevent the vertical deterrence phenomenon, first draw the white line or the hanging line according to the width of the paving layer, then start to construct Geogrid, then use the nail Fix the end of Geogrid, use 8 nails per meter wide, and fix it evenly. After fixing the Geogrid end, spread the Geogrid forward slowly with a paving machine, and manually tighten and straighten each 10 meters long. Once, until a roll of Geogrid is finished, and then roll the next roll, operate the same as before, after rolling a roll, use the 6T-10T roller to roll from the starting point to the forward direction, such as Geogrid paving in the middle. On the layer and screed, it is advisable to use a steel roller compactor; if Geogrid is directly laid on a concrete pavement, it is advisable to use a roller roller. Pick-up: The length of the pavement is the length of the pavement. After the length of the section of the Geogrid is covered, the paving quality is checked once, and then the next section is laid. When the next section is paved, Geogrid and Geogrid You can use a 10-15CM lap length and fix it with a nail or a wooden wedge and continue to lay the second section in the forward direction. And so on, Geogrid requires the same operation in the operation.