Geogrids of four different materials

- Dec 22, 2020-

Biaxial Geogrid

Biaxial Geogrid is made by polypropylene(PP) as the raw material, through special extruded & biaxi.

PP biaxial geogrids can be used to enhancement of permanent bearable soft including highway and railways embankment, slopes, tunnel, airport, parking lots, loaded pier and ground.


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Warp Knitted Polyester Biaxial / Uniaxial Geogrid

Warp Knitted Polyester(PET) Geogrid is woven by high tenacity polyester filament as the raw material with warp knitted technology, and coated with black PVC or Styrene Butadiene Copolyme(SBR).


1. High intension, high tenacity, high occlusive force with soil or gravel, erosion-resistant, water drainage, light weight

2. Reinforce soft soil roadbed, rib side slope of embankment, enhance isolation, inhibit ground deformation, prevent crack by reflection, increase strength of roadbed.


Warp Knitted Fiberglass Geogrid

Warp Knitted Fiberglass Geogrid is woven by high Tensile Modulus fiberglass filament as the raw material coated with asphalt or other polymers.


1. High tensile strength in warp, weft directions and low stretch rate

2. Excellent temperature range adaptability

3. Has excellent UV, alkali and oxidative resistance, which result in exceptional aging properties.

4. To eliminate the problem of pavement cracking on highways, roads and runways, and driven by the need to reduce costs for infrastructure maintenance and repair.


High Tenacity Polyester Biaxial/Uniaxial Geogrid

Which is warp knitted from high tensile multifilament polyester yarns with state-of-the-art technology and coated with black PVC or Styrene Butadiene Copolyme (SBR).Predominantly used in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE), reinforced soil slope (RSS) and retaining soil wall (RSW) structures.


Super high tensile strength, high modulus, low creep behavior, low elongation. Best resistance of UV, corrosion and durability, low difference between warp tensile strength and weft tensile strength, norrow warp and weft rib, rib width: 20mm max., aperture dimension: 40mm min., beneficial to soil or gravel interlock, reinforcement and stabilization for soft soil subgrade.