Geotextile's plastic drainage board is divided into two series of coils and sheets.

- May 02, 2019-

Geotextile's plastic drainage board is divided into two series of coils and sheets.The plastic plate is pressed out of the closed cylindrical case by a special process to form a concave-convex film.The shell is continuous.The Geotextile has a three-dimensional space and a certain supporting height.The butyl rubber strip is hot-bonded at the edge processing,and the top of the shell is covered with a Geotextile filter layer for products of water seepage,hydrophobicity,drainage and water storage.Top five products of Geotextile

1.Geotextile commonly used drainage boards in construction are:plastic drainage board,storage drainage board,coil drainage board,anti-seepage water drainage board,composite drainage board,three-dimensional drainage board,sheet drainage board and so on.

2.Geotextile's anti-drainage protection board has a concave-convex hollow rib structure,which can quickly and effectively drain rainwater,greatly reducing or even eliminating the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer.The active water-conducting principle can achieve the effect of active waterproofing.

3.Geotextile's waterproof performance:Polyethylene,polystyrene,and water-proof protection board materials are themselves a good waterproof material.Geotextile makes the drainage board a good auxiliary waterproof material by using a reliable connection.

Protective protection

4.Geotextile's anti-drainage protection board can effectively protect the structure and waterproof layer,and resist all kinds of acid and alkali and plant root thorns in the soil.It protects buildings and waterproofing layers from damage when backfilling the underground wall.

5.Geotextile sound insulation and ventilation moisture-proof function:laboratory data shows that PVC,water-proof protection board can effectively reduce indoor noise of 14 decibels,500HZ,with obvious noise reduction and sound insulation.Geotextile waterproof water guide plate on the ground When used on a wall or a wall,it can also be well ventilated and protected from moisture.