It seems to be a simple construction process,but for Geogrid,there are many“roads”in its construction process.

- May 16, 2019-

In order to make the steel-plastic Geogrid connection more robust, the lashing method should be used, and the lap width should not be less than 10cm. In order to make Geogrid's lap joint satisfactory, there should be a lashing point every 10-15cm. Geogrid can be evenly stressed and secure.

It seems to be a simple construction process, but for Geogrid, there are many “roads” in its construction process. As a barrier layer, Geogrid needs to satisfy two requests: On one hand, Geogrid can prevent finer soil particles from invading coarser granular data and maintain a certain permeability: on the other hand, Geogrid needs to be satisfied. Strength, to bear the various stresses or strains that occur due to the load, that is, Geogrid must not crack under any circumstances.

When we are planning the Geogrid geotechnical building materials, in order to make it very satisfactory to use the request, Geogrid's detailed parameter requirements are based on the structural properties of the civil engineering, the size of the scale, the application request, Geogrid the load, the construction conditions and the characteristics of the geotechnical materials. Determined.