Measurement stakeout and site cleaning Geocell.

- May 15, 2019-

1.Measurement stakeout and site cleaning Geocell:

The construction site is measured and staked according to Geocell's construction specifications and design requirements.The original ground of Geocell is cleaned and crushed,and the base treatment is treated with the general roadbed filling construction.After the inspection is completed,the subgrade is layered and filled.When the filling height reaches the elevation of the designed Geocell and Geocell,the measuring line is placed on the qualified filling layer,and the location of the Geocell and Geocell is determined according to the design requirements.

2.Preparation of Geocell materials:

Geocell is used for the embankment slope reinforcement.Geocell uses two-way Geocell.Geocell has a width of not less than 3.0m,tensile strength of not less than 30KN/m,and elongation of ≤10%.Geocell is used for soft foundation reinforcement using pile-net composite.The Geocell of the foundation adopts two-way Geocell,which is made of high-strength polyester fiber,polyester,polyethylene and other materials for soft foundation reinforcement.The tensile strength is determined according to the calculation,but generally not less than 80KN/m,and the width of Geocell is ≥5.0m.When the rate is ≤10%,the Geocell can adopt the one-way Geocell when the drainage consolidation method is used.The tensile strength is determined according to the calculation,and is generally not less than 50KN/m.