Precautions for Geotextile installation construction

- Jan 06, 2020-

1. Geotextile can only be cut with geotextile knife (hook knife). If it is cut in the site, special protection measures shall be taken for other materials to prevent unnecessary damage caused by cutting geotextile;

2. At the same time of laying geotextile, all necessary measures must be taken to prevent damage to the next layer of material;

3. When laying the geotextile, care must be taken not to let the stone, a large amount of dust or water and other substances that may damage the geotextile, block the drainage channel or filter screen, or cause difficulties to the next connection enter the geotextile or geotextile;

4. After installation, visual inspection shall be carried out on all geotextile surfaces to determine all damaged owners, mark and repair them, and make sure that there are no foreign materials such as broken needles on the paved surface that can cause damage;

5. The following regulations must be followed for the connection of geotextile: under normal conditions, there shall be no horizontal connection on the slope (the connection shall not intersect with the slope along the contour of the slope), except for the place of repair.

6. If the suture is used, the suture shall be made of the same or more materials as the geotextile, and the suture shall be made of materials resistant to chemical ultraviolet. There shall be obvious color difference between suture and geotextile for inspection.

7. Special attention shall be paid to the stitching during the installation to ensure that no gravel in the soil or gravel overburden enters the middle of the geotextile.