Related treatment methods of geocells and slope protection

- Nov 17, 2020-

1. Related processing methods for geocells:

 (1) Slope site treatment:

  a. For the fill side slope, perform site treatment on the trimmed slope. First, remove stones, weeds, garbage and other debris, then level the slope, make the slope smooth, and properly compact it manually. Don't have uneven or loose slopes.

  b. Perform site treatment on the trimmed slope surface, scratch the smooth slope surface, and use appropriate artificial pits for soft soil slopes? Use artificial soil to smooth the depressions Do not show uneven or loose slopes.

 (2) Hanging net: The three-dimensional net (EM3) extends 50cm from the top of the slope and is buried in the intercepting ditch or soil, and then spreads from top to bottom to the slope shoulder. The flat net between the net and the net is close to the slope surface without folds and Hanging phenomenon.


 (3) Fixation: The fill side slope is fixed with Ф6mm steel bars and 8, U-shaped nails made of iron wire, and the main anchor nails are used to fix the top of the slope and the overlap. The rest of the slope is fixed with auxiliary anchors.


 (4) Backfill soil: After the three-dimensional network of the fill slope is fixed, the dry soil construction method is used to backfill the soil, and the cohesive soil, compound fertilizer or retting fertilizer is fully mixed evenly and manually sprayed on the slope surface z times in 23 times Throwing thickness.

2. Soil consolidation of slope protection geocell:

(1)A three-dimensional structure of a loofah-like mesh mat used for grass planting and soil consolidation. The texture is loose and flexible, with 90% of the space left for filling with soil, gravel and fine stones, and the plant roots can pass through it, making it comfortable , Regular and balanced growth. The grown turf connects the mat, turf, and soil surface firmly.


(2) As plant roots can deepen 30-40cm below the ground surface, a solid green composite protective layer is formed before the turf grows, which can protect the surface of the ground from wind and rain. It can firmly insist that the grass seeds are evenly distributed on the slope, and avoid the loss of wind and rain. The black mesh pad can absorb a lot of heat energy, add ground wetness, promote seed germination, and extend the growth period of plants.


(3) The composite protective layer formed by plants after they grow up can enjoy the erosion of high water level and high flow rate