Research on Geocell Enhanced Road Pavement

- Mar 03, 2021-

Field research:
      (1) The unreinforced road has serious rutting and must be rebuilt at least 3 times
      (2) The unreinforced pavement has experienced severe ground depression
      (3) Geocell reinforced pavement maintains a uniform surface
      (4) There is no change in size of Geocell after being exposed to high temperature for 1 hour

Experimental test:
      Water bound Macadam and granular sub base were tested as a subgrade in a test tank. Board load tests were performed on 3 different thicknesses of Geocell layers. Several tests were performed on different combinations of Geocell and filling materials.

The experiment proves:
      The cell reinforcement technology can increase the stiffness and elastic modulus of the pavement by up to 2.92 times. In addition, it can extend the service life of the pavement from 16 to 20 years, and reduce the thickness of the particle layer by as much as 50%.


The benefits of using geocell to enhance the road surface:
       (1) Reduced pavement thickness, allowing for a significant reduction in total cost of the pavement system per unit area

(2)Reduced pavement thickness requiring less material and therefore faster construction

(3) With fewer materials required, reduced transport costs constituting a reduced carbon footprint


Geocell-Expandable-Confinement-System-Effectively-Used-for-Erosion-Control (1)