Selection basis of geotextile materials

- May 14, 2020-

Geotextiles have many uses. They have different functions in different applications. It is suitable for traffic, water conservancy, environment, coastal engineering and other fields. With drainage, filtration, separation, reinforcement, tension balance, erosion control, stress dispersion, screening, packaging and other nine functions.

Different applications require different physical properties of geotextiles. In addition, Geotextiles shall have chemical properties. For each specific project, corresponding technical requirements should be formulated.

geotextilenonwoven geotextile

What is the basis for the selection of geotextile materials?

1. Good physical and mechanical properties

The working environment of geotextiles is very poor. In many cases, it is immersed in water or placed in high humidity soil, so it has good water resistance and wet mechanical properties.

2. Good water permeability

Geotextiles need infiltration and drainage, so they have good water permeability.

3. Chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance

Water and soil are very different, some are alkaline, some are acidic, some contain more salt, some contain various elements, so they have chemical stability.

4. UV resistant, hydrolysis resistant, high temperature resistant

When exposed to sunlight, the geotextile shall have corresponding UV resistance; when the composite geotextile contacts with asphalt and other materials, it shall adapt to the temperature and have higher melting point requirements.