Slope protection geocell soft foundation paving increases subgrade bearing capacity

- Oct 12, 2020-

Soft foundation refers to civil engineering fields such as highways, railways, deserts, swamps, tidal flats, airports, ports, and wharfs. The slope protection geocell is a mesh cell structure formed by a wide band of high-strength HDPE or PP copolymers through strong welding or riveting. It can be stretched and contracted freely, can be folded up during transportation, opened and filled with earth, rock or concrete during use, forming a structure with strong lateral restriction and large rigidity. It can be used as a cushion to treat weak foundations to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, can also be laid on the slope to form a slope protection structure, and can also be used to build a retaining structure. The slope protection geocell is also used for the treatment of abutment back fill and loess collapsible subgrade, and it can also be used for the reinforcement of saline soil, expansive soil and other subgrades and slope treatment projects.

The role of slope protection geocell used in engineering:

1. The geocell can effectively reduce the erosion of the slope soil by rainwater flow and splashing, can dissipate energy and improve the erosion resistance of the slope soil, and can effectively disperse the slope runoff and make the water flow relatively Evenly dispersed flow, thereby reducing the depth of the soil gutter. When making the soil-fixing structure for slope ecological protection, its anti-scouring ability is better than that of commonly used materials such as diamond wire mesh.

2. It has high strength and other mechanical properties, and has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and has good toughness and erosion resistance. At the same time, the slope protection geocell can also resist the temperature change. The influence of temperature difference. Due to the structural characteristics of the cell itself, it can slow down the flow rate, reduce the energy of the water flow, and disperse the water flow, thereby reducing the erosion effect of the water flow on the slope soil.

3. At the same time, the geocell has a good adhesion to the soil. Moreover, some soil suitable for the growth of green plants can be used for the guest soil backfilled in the slope protection geocell, which can well improve the vegetation coverage on the surface of the slope, which not only enhances the erosion resistance of the soil surface but also serves as a green environment. The role of sustainable slope protection. At the same time, the protective effect of the geocell is good, the effect is quick, and the investment is small. The geocell is much lower than the common concrete cell slope protection in terms of cost, and only proper seasonal maintenance is required in the later period.