The Advantages Of Geocell In Filling

- Mar 29, 2021-

1. Stabilize the railway subgrade. The geocell is laid on the railway subgrade to increase the overall strength of the subgrade, prolong the service life of the subgrade, save daily maintenance and repair costs, and significantly reduce the occurrence of failures during train travel.

2. Stabilize the highway subgrade, which can significantly reduce the stress split from the subgrade reflection to the pavement. The subgrade will not crack and the pavement will not crack, especially the northern urban roads with warm winters and cool summers and large temperature differences. In winter, the asphalt pavement will crack. Seriously, it is very useful to use geocells to reinforce the roadbed.

3. The dikes and retaining walls that bear the load; the two slopes of the river course and the walls with large inclination angles are all specific projects using geocells, especially the river slopes that have been exposed to rain and snow for a long time in a humid environment. Climate, it is easy to collapse, and the honeycomb structure of the geocell can be used to fix the soil at the oblique point of view.

4. Shallow water channel management, the three-dimensional grid strengthens the power of the filling, prevents soil erosion and increases the load capacity, which can reduce the construction cost of the shallow channel and allow the design of the river crossing to meet the various conditions of traffic and soil quality.

5. Supporting pipelines and sewers can add overall pressure resistance.

6. Mixed retaining wall with load-bearing gravity to prevent landslides.

7. Independent walls, piers, breakwaters, etc., can quickly build independent walls or barrier walls, and can use permeable granular fill dikes or weirs. Geocells are also used in docks or flood dikes and other important coastal uses. Very extensive.

8. The geocell is used for the treatment of deserts, beaches, river channels and riversides.