The role of geocells in improving surface durability

- Jan 20, 2021-

Many engineering projects use geocells because of its low tensile strength and modulus, and its tiny three-dimensional pore structure. After immersing the oil in the sticky layer, the original permeability coefficient should be reduced by about two orders of magnitude, and the formed asphalt cloth has better leakage resistance and heat transfer than asphalt concrete. When it is bonded with the bottom of the asphalt concrete surface layer , Will increase the tensile strength and modulus of the surface layer, and greatly reduce the cracks. If the old pavement or roadbed has cracks, it will be absorbed and relaxed due to its toughness and certain creep when reflecting on the new pavement, thereby exerting its stress barrier effect.

Recently, the geocells widely used in slope protection have high tensile strength and modulus, no long-term creep and good thermal stability. After the surface is treated, it has compatibility with asphalt, chemical stability of the material, and mesh embedding. The effect of clavicle material is better. Therefore, when it is spread on the lower or bottom surface of the asphalt concrete surface course, it can enhance the surface course's ability to resist deformation. At the same time, because its paving area is generally large, sometimes the entire road section is fully paved, the pressure, secondary bending tensile stress, shearing force and temperature tensile stress brought by the axle load on the surface layer will be under the condition of interface deformation compatibility. It will be borne by it, and spread through it in its coverage area, so that the surface layer's fatigue strength is improved, the anti-rutting and bulging ability is enhanced, and the deflection value can also be reduced.

It can be seen that the plastic geocell has an irreplaceable effect on improving the durability of the surface layer and preventing early damage. It cannot be regarded as a short-term, temporary and emergency rescue passive engineering measure.

(1)  If the roadbed and base layer and the actual bearing capacity do not meet the requirements of wheel axle load and traffic volume and need to be reinforced, it should be considered separately. It can also be solved by using suitable geosynthetics, using high-strength lightweight authentic plastic single and two-way Geogrids can be considered.

(2)  If there are diseases such as water seepage, tumbling, subsidence, etc. at the same time in the roadbed and base course, additional measures such as drainage and anti-seepage need to be considered, and corresponding geosynthetic materials can also be used to solve the problem, such as the use of reinforced composite geomembrane to achieve anti-seepage and drainage , Reinforcement, isolation and other requirements.

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