The role of geocells in slope protection

- Mar 23, 2021-

The slope protection geocell is a three-dimensional mesh cell structure formed by high-strength HDPE material through strength welding. It stretches freely, can be folded up during transportation, and is opened and filled with earth, rock or concrete material during use, forming a structure with strong lateral restriction and large rigidity.

It can be used as a cushion to treat weak foundations to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation. The technology of vegetation restoration on the slope surface of the geocell is to fix the geocell on the slope where the soil condition of the lack of animal growth and the surface stability is poor, so as to ensure that the water and soil will not be lost.

Advantages of slope protection geocell:

1. It can disperse the overlying concentrated load, thereby greatly improving the bearing capacity of the soft foundation.

2. Erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Filling materials can be obtained locally to reduce engineering costs.

4. It is resistant to aging and adapts to a wide temperature range.

5. Foldable for easy transportation.

For the constructors, the concentrated load distribution of the geocell construction on the river slope improves the bearing capacity of the soft foundation, resists river erosion, corrosion, aging, and adapts to a wide temperature range. The filling material can be obtained locally. Folding is convenient for transportation, and it is very applicable to reduce cost. The slope protection geocell is of great significance in water conservancy management and has played a very good role.