Things to be aware of when installing and constructing Geogrid.

- Apr 29, 2019-

Things to be aware of when installing and constructing Geogrid.

1.Geogrid can only be cut with a Geogrid knife.If it is cut in the field,special protection measures should be taken for other materials to prevent unnecessary damage due to cutting Geogrid;

2.At the same time as Geogrid is laid,it is necessary to take the necessary measures to prevent damage to the underlying material;

3.When laying Geogrid,care must be taken not to allow stones,large amounts of dust or moisture,etc.,to damage Geogrid,to block drains or filters,or to bring difficult substances to the next connection into Geogrid or Geogrid.below;

4.After the installation of Geogrid,visually inspect all Geogrid surfaces to identify all damaged landowners,mark them and repair them,and make sure there are no foreign materials on the paving surface that can cause damage,such as broken needles and other foreign objects;

5.Geogrid's connection must comply with the following rules:Under normal circumstances,there should be no horizontal connection on the slope surface <connection must not intersect the contour of the slope>,except for the repaired area.

6.If using Geogrid suture,the suture must be the same or exceed the material of the Geogrid material,and the suture must be chemically resistant.The suture and Geogrid should have a noticeable color difference for easy inspection.

7.Special attention is paid to suturing when installing Geogrid to ensure that no gravel in the earth or gravel cover enters the middle of Geogrid.

Geogrid damage and repair.

1.At the junction where the Geogrid is sutured,a re-stitching repair is required and the end of the jumper portion is re-stitched.

2.In all areas,except for rocky slopes,holes or tears must be repaired and stitched with the same material Geogrid patch.

3.At the bottom of the landfill,if the length of the split exceeds 10% of the width of the coil,the damaged part must be cut off and the two parts Geogrid connected.