Application Of Geogrid In Railway Engineering

- Mar 31, 2021-

Geogrids are often used as reinforcements for reinforced soil structures or composites. The editor will briefly introduce the application of geogrid in railway engineering.

1. Reinforcement of railway subgrade:
Geogrid is used to strengthen railway subgrade. Synthetic materials and pavement materials are blended together, which can effectively distribute the load, prevent ballast loss and subgrade deformation, improve the stability of the subgrade, and withstand greater variable loads.

2. Railway ballast protection:

Due to train vibration and wind and rain, the ballast is lost, so it is wrapped with geogrid to prevent the ballast from losing and improve the stability of the roadbed.

3. Railway retaining wall:

The geogrid is used to strengthen the retaining wall on the side of the railway, such as the platform and cargo platform in the railway station, which can extend the service life and reduce the maintenance cost.

4. Railway slope protection:

The geogrid is used for slope protection on both sides of the railway to prevent rocks and fine soil from falling off, prolong the service life of the railway and reduce maintenance costs.

Steel plastic geogrid