Does Rainfall Construction Affect Geocell?

- Mar 23, 2021-

The influence of rainfall on the stability of the geocell protection system is very small, which is mainly manifested in the overall strengthening effect of the geocell on the soil. During the rainfall process, as the rainwater infiltrates, the water content of the unsaturated soil gradually increases, and the geocell at this time plays the role of stabilizing the soil and quickly draining the sheet. The increase in matrix suction, cohesion and internal friction angle results in an increase in the shear strength of the soil, which enhances the mechanical state of the cell protection system.

The geocell protection system is laid on the original slope. Therefore, its mode of preventing soil erosion is generally implemented along the overall direction of the original slope. Considering that the thickness of the geocell is much smaller than its length, the infinite slope method can be used. The geocell protection system is regarded as a rigid body, and the geocell protection system is taken as a detached body, and the balance method is used to infinitely increase its stability.

Therefore, rainwater has no effect on the overall stability of the geocell. It is useful to use geocells in areas with a lot of precipitation, and the effect is very prominent.