Geogrid Provides A Valuable Contribution To Society.

- May 09, 2019-

Geogrid provides a valuable contribution to society.Use Geogrid paving equipment to manually spread Geogrid once.For Geogrid unevenness,apply the spreader to flatten.If encountering a curve,the Geogrid inside the corner should be cut with shearing force,then flatten one side,apply asphalt,and then stack the other side.In the case of Geogrid,it should be smooth and vertical and horizontal.

After a roll of Geogrid is spread,another Geogrid asphalt is sprayed.Geogrid's lap joint when laying: longitudinal distance not less than 15 cm,lateral distance not less than 10 cm; to sprinkle 20 cm of asphalt belt on the previous spread Geogrid,and then spread the second Geogrid.According to this process sequence,the Geogrid of the half road surface is covered,and the width of the road is 20 cm beyond the width of the half road surface so as to be pressed against the Geogrid of the second road surface.