Geogrid's process flow during construction,After the Geogrid is laid,the upper layer of filler is laid artificially,

- Apr 13, 2019-

Geogrid's process flow during construction

Detecting and cleaning the lower bearing layer → artificially laying Geogrid → lap joint, tying, fixing → paving the upper roadbed soil → rolling → testing, Geogrid laying on the flat lower bearing layer according to the width required by the design, Geogrid upper and lower layer packing without thorn Bad Geogrid's sundries, when placed in Geogrid, the high-strength direction is arranged perpendicular to the axis of the embankment. Geogrid is laid horizontally, tensioned and pulled tightly to avoid wrinkles, twists or potholes. Geogrid is stitched along the longitudinal direction. Method, the lap width is not less than 20CM.

After the Geogrid is laid, the upper layer of filler is laid artificially, and the rolling is completed in time to avoid long-term exposure. Then, mechanical transportation, leveling, rolling, mechanical paving and rolling are carried out from the two sides to the middle, and rolling is carried out from the two sides to the middle. The Geogrid compaction is maintained to meet the specifications.

Eliminate all construction vehicles and construction machinery or park on the paved Geogrid. Check the quality of Geogrid at any time during construction. If damage, puncture, tearing, etc. are found, repair or replace it.