Geosynthetics For Highway Engineering JT2020-17

- Sep 14, 2020-

Geosynthetics for highway engineering  JT2020-17

Recently, the launch meeting for the preparation of the transportation industry standard "Highway Engineering Geosynthetics Drainage Material" was held at the China Geosynthetics Engineering Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) Chairman Unit Shanghai Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. The meeting was hosted by Shanghai Survey and Design Institute Director Zhang Pengcheng presided over the meeting. Director Cao Yuansheng of Shanghai Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting first introduced the participating units and personnel, and then the standard preparation person in charge and the association director researcher Liu Ying introduced the standard preparation work process and finally confirmed The division of labor and task time nodes of each unit are discussed. Many directors and member units of the association attended this meeting.

Geosynthetics Conference

According to the notice of the Ministry of Transport "Jiao Keji Han [2020] No. 389" document, the transportation industry-standard project "Highway Engineering Geosynthetics Drainage Materials" (plan number JT2020-17) has been approved and the project is in charge of the Ministry of Transport Highway Research Institute. This standard is a revision of "Highway Engineering Geosynthetics Drainage Materials" (JT/T 665-2006): it will include drainage boards, drainage nets, drainage mats, and drainage pipes that are used in highway projects. This meeting focused on the classification of drainage materials, specifications, and some technical indicators, and determined the division of labor and time nodes, which provided a guarantee for the smooth advancement of the standard preparation. This standard is another important material standard after the geosynthetics of highway engineering-geogrids, geonets, and geotextiles. The revision of this standard will make the standard system of geosynthetics of highway engineering more perfect and better promote the highway The application and technological progress of engineering geosynthetics.