How To Distinguish The Quality Of Geomembrane

- Mar 26, 2021-

The types of geomembrane have been increasing continuously. Each use is different, and the selected varieties are different, which are basically determined according to the actual performance parameters. The following is a simple way to distinguish the quality of geomembrane:

(1)  Simple tensile test. Use the tension gauge to perform a tensile test through two types of geomembranes. At this time, it depends on the test value on the tension gauge. The higher the tension value, the better the processing quality, the worse the tension value, the slightly worse quality.

(2)Observe the gloss and brightness on the surface of the geomembrane. It should be known that the quality of the surface treatment process is also a factor that directly affects the quality. At this point, the gloss and brightness on the surface can be understood by eye observation. Only when the gloss is better, the quality will be better. Strictly controlling the gloss and brightness in this area will also be of great help to the purchase.

(3)  Keep rubbing to see the wrinkles that appear. If the wrinkles are more serious, it means that the quality of the geomembrane is relatively poor in terms of processing. But if there are only sparse wrinkles, it means that the quality of processing will be better.