Methods Of Laying And Stitching Geotextile

- Mar 11, 2021-

1. Choose the way of manual rolling, in order to achieve a smooth effect on the surface of the layout. And there must be a margin of deformation at the edge. After all, after the geotextile is laid, there will be a certain degree of deformation. At this time, with margin, there will be basically no tearing or deformation, and the service life It will be a little longer.

2. The stitching at the seams is basically done by the welding process, but the geotextile should try to keep the overlap width of about 2 cm. After all, it belongs to the exposed mode of use, in order to have enough stretch length. So there will be no damage. However, if damage is encountered during the welding or laying process, it needs to be repaired immediately. Don't delay the time, otherwise the area of damage will become larger and larger. In this regard, you must be careful to master it.

3. For the stitching of geotextile, the edges of both sides should be overlapped at least 15-25 cm, so that it will be affected by the outside world during use and have a certain stretch length. Do not sew, or it will soon damaged. This is also a technical requirement in the construction and laying process, in order to make the material can be used for a longer period of time, and there will be no cracks or deformation during use.