New Type Of Geocell

- Dec 24, 2020-

Application number: CN201620242326.X

Public (notice): CN205576883U

Application Announcement Number: CN205576883U

Classification: E02D3/00(2006.01)I

The inventor:Ye lei

The agency: Beijing Hexinhuacheng Intellectual Property Agency 

address: Intersection of Chuangye Avenue and Ankang Road, Xinqiao International Industrial Park, Shou County, Huainan City, Anhui Province, 230,000

Applicant (patent right): Anhui Hechuang New Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.


The utility model relates to a geocell, in particular to a new type of geocell. It includes a sheet and a clamping piece. The sheet includes the main material made of HDPE material. The main material is provided with reinforcing materials along the length direction of the main material, and multiple reinforcing materials are arranged at intervals along the width direction of the main material, In the thickness direction of the main material, a convex rib is arranged at the position of the reinforcing material; the clamping member is in an inverted U shape, and the U-shaped leg of the clamping member is provided with a groove that matches the convex shape of the convex rib The sheet is located between the ribs and opens along the length of the sheet with strip holes, the clamping piece is inserted between the strip holes, and the grooves of the clamping piece are arranged to correspond to the ribs of the sheet. The strength of the geocell is improved, the elongation of the sheet of the geocell is reduced, and the stable fit between the clip and the sheet is ensured.

New type of geocell