Observe The Laying Method Of Geocell,pay Attention To The Situation Of Welding Or Sewing.

- Apr 24, 2019-

Observe the laying method of Geocell,pay attention to the situation of welding or sewing.

1.Roll the Geocell by hand;the cloth surface should be flat and the deformation allowance should be left.

2.the installation of filament or short wire Geocell is usually done by lap joint,stitching and welding.The width of the stitching and the welding is generally 0.1 m or more,and the overlap width is generally 0.2 M or more.Geocells that may be exposed for a long time should be welded or stitched.

3.Sewing of Geocell All sutures must be performed continuously.Geocells must overlap by at least 150mm before overlapping.The minimum stitch distance from the selvedge <material exposed edge> is at least 25 mm.

The sewn Geocell joints most include a 1-line and line-lock chain stitching method.The wire used to sew the Geocell should be a resin material with a minimum tension of more than 60 N and have chemical and UV resistance comparable to or exceeded that of Geocell.