A high strength corrosion resistant geogrid

- Nov 30, 2020-

Application number: CN201810732398.6

Public (notice): CN108842749B

Application Announcement Number: CN108842749B

Classification: E02D3/00;E01C3/00;E02B3/00

The inventor:Ye lei

The agency: Beijing Hexinhuacheng Intellectual Property Agency 

address: Intersection of Chuangye Avenue and Ankang Road, Xinqiao International Industrial Park, Shou County, Huainan City, Anhui Province, 230,000

Applicant (patent right): Anhui Hechuang New Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.

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The invention discloses a kind of high strength and corrosion resistance, geogrid including longitudinal joint and longitudinal ribs, and described the right side of the longitudinal joint with longitudinal ribs, described in the longitudinal joint and longitudinal fixed by welding connection, described in the internal side of the longitudinal rib setting fastener connection, connected with the top of the fastener Settings are described briquetting, described the connection fasteners and briquetting fixed by welding connection, the present invention geogrid at the joint setting connection fasteners, such as rib belt on both sides of the mutual connection, can be closely connected through connecting fastener, not happen connection loose phenomenon, enhance the capacity of compressive strength, In addition, the shock absorber can counteract most of the direct impact load through the action of springs and telescopic rods, increasing the service life of the connecting fasteners. Meanwhile, the diaphragm has the effects of light oxygen aging and acid and alkali resistance, which can enhance the corrosion resistance performance of the geogrid and alleviate the problems of the civil grid easily deformation and aging.

A high strength corrosion resistant geogrid