The Geogrid Material Is Required To Have Low Rigidity And High Strength.

- May 07, 2019-

The larger the modulus of Geogrid,the greater the value of the stress reduction at the crack of the asphalt layer,so it is to prevent the asphalt layer from reflecting cracks.It is more advantageous to set a rigid mesh such as Geogrid than a flexible mesh such as a plastic mesh.However,the increase in the Geogrid modulus will also cause the stress on the mesh layer to increase,only if Geogrid has sufficient strength and no cracking failure.It is advantageous to use a rigid mesh with a large modulus.In general,in order to prevent the adverse effects of the cracks on the road surface,the Geogrid material is required to have low rigidity and high strength.

Geogrid's role in engineering:

1.Geogrid has high strength,small creep and adapt to various environmental soils,which can fully meet the requirements of high retaining walls in high-grade highways.

2.Geogrid can effectively improve the interlocking and biting of the reinforced bearing surface,greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation,effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil,and enhance the stability of the foundation.

3.Compared with the traditional grille,Geogrid has the characteristics of high strength,strong bearing capacity,corrosion resistance,anti-aging,large friction coefficient,uniform hole,convenient construction and long service life.

4.Geogrid is more suitable for deep sea operation and embankment reinforcement,which fundamentally solves the technical problems of low strength,poor corrosion resistance and short service life caused by other materials used for stone cage erosion due to long-term seawater erosion.

5.Geogrid can effectively avoid the construction damage caused by the crushing and destruction of the machine during the construction process.