The Invention Relates To A Geocell With Adjustable Height And Its Usage

- Nov 30, 2020-

Application number: CN201810732400.X

Public (notice): CN108842750B

Application Announcement Number: CN108842750B

Classification: E02D3/00;E01C3/00;E02B3/00

The inventor:Ye lei

The agency: Beijing Hexinhuacheng Intellectual Property Agency 

address: Intersection of Chuangye Avenue and Ankang Road, Xinqiao International Industrial Park, Shou County, Huainan City, Anhui Province, 230,000

Applicant (patent right): Anhui Hechuang New Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.

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The invention discloses a highly adjustable geogrid chamber and a method of use, including a telescopic member and a bottom diaphragm. The upper end of the telescopic member is provided with a bottom diaphragm, and the telescopic member and the bottom diaphragm are fixed connected by adhesive, and the upper end of the bottom diaphragm is provided with a diaphragm, and the bottom diaphragm is fixed connected by adhesive.

The invention of a large room on the height of itself was improved, by adding a telescopic rod, can make the height of the large room with the height of the construction requirements and changes, when the height of the large room can not meet the requirements, then can adjust fixed nut, the fixed nut unscrewing, at this moment the spring inside and telescopic rod will be released and the role of tensile, so it will be pushed the upper diaphragm, which makes the height of the large room changes, solves the object could not be filled more makes large room cannot reach more strong.

adjustable geocell