The Mechanism Of Geocell Reinforcement Roadbed

- Mar 12, 2021-

1. Improve the external stress environment;

The high-strength geocell gravel cushion composite is actually a flexible raft base with greater bending, shear and compressive strength, which can effectively disperse the upper embankment load and homogenize the top surface of the soft foundation The stress distribution of the soft foundation is then improved, and the external stress environment of the soft foundation is improved, and the bearing capacity of the subgrade is improved.

2. Enhance straight strain resistance;

The effect of the vertical reinforcement of the gravel pile is mainly manifested in that on the one hand, it bears part of the load by itself and transmits the upper load to the deep foundation through the pile; on the other hand, it is manifested in the compaction and replacement of part of the soft soil, which improves the softness. The soil drainage condition enhances the physical and mechanical properties of the soft soil itself, so that the soil between the piles and the gravel pile can be effectively coordinated to work, and the foundation's bearing capacity and resistance to deformation are improved.

3. Enhance the straight support system;

The geocell cushion and the gravel pile composite foundation interact with each other under the load effect and work together to form a useful load horizontal dispersion and vertical support system.

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