The Most Attractive Exhibition In The Field Of Geosynthetics In China And Even Asia

- Sep 07, 2020-


The most attractive exhibition in the field of geosynthetics in China and even Asia


According to reports, the exhibition area of China International (Shanghai) Geosynthetics Exhibition in 2020 will exceed 280,000 square meters, with 172,650 professional visitors and buyers. More than 3,000 exhibitors from 80 countries and regions

Date: September 15-19, 2020

Address: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Introduction of Geosynthetics:

Geosynthetics Exhibition is a special exhibition on the topic of geosynthetics industry under the "China Industry Fair New Materials Industry Exhibition". It will focus on displaying the latest products and technologies in the geosynthetics industry and applications, and establish a brand image for the company. Trade cooperation, market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen the interaction of production, R&D, and sales, gain insight into the new trends in the future development of the domestic and foreign geosynthetic materials market, explore the new needs of the future geosynthetic material market with a development perspective, and innovate the connotation of the exhibition. The directional and multi-level organization of professional visitors provides the best platform for technical exchanges, product demonstrations, and trade negotiations for exhibitors and participating merchants.


Exhibition scope:

1. Geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geocomposites, geocell, and related products;

2. Anti-seepage and anti-drainage materials, erosion control materials;

3. Production and processing equipment of various geosynthetics;

4. Geosynthetics testing instruments and equipment;

5. Geosynthetics construction technology and equipment;

6. The innovative technology of geosynthetics and the latest scientific research results;

7. Geosynthetics engineering application, technical consultation, and service;

8. Equipment and materials related to solid waste and water environment treatment;



Background information:

In recent years, as the overall level of China’s infrastructure construction, environmental protection, ecological construction, and energy construction has improved, various industrial chain products of geosynthetics such as geotextiles, geomembranes, PE composite geomembranes, geogrids, and geotechnical special Materials and geocomposite materials are more and more widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, port, and waterway, highways and railways, airport construction, municipal construction, environmental protection, and ecology, etc., because they can greatly improve the flexibility and protection of engineering, geosynthetic materials technology, and products It is more and more widely recognized by people. As a result, the geosynthetic material industry has also entered a stage of sustained and rapid growth.


Introduction to previous exhibitions:

The previous exhibition attracted Fare SPA, Overlikon, GSE, Kuraray, Berry, Novi, Markfield, Soma, Tensar Group, Hongxiang Group, Borg Group, Tianjin Talis, Huiguang Stock, Jiangsu Changji Li, Shandong Tongjia, Jiangsu Changbian, Jierlink, Haoyang Co., Ltd., Feicheng Lianyi, Taian Hyundai, Zhejiang Jinda, Hangzhou Shenlian, Shandong Haoke, Shandong Tianhai, Jiangsu Jiuding, Anhui Huifeng, Qingdao Xuyu, More than 200 companies including Shandong Dageng participated. The organizing committee’s survey of exhibitors’ information after the exhibition showed that 87% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition’s performance, 82% of the exhibitors expressed a keen interest and indicated that they would participate in the next exhibition again, 78% Of exhibitors believe that compared with other exhibitions, this exhibition has a greater advantage. A survey of audience information showed that 80% of the audience expressed their willingness to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues, and 77% of the audience indicated that they would visit the 2020 exhibition. We firmly believe that the next exhibition will be supported by exhibitors and the organization Efforts will do better.