The Plastic Geogrid Will Prevent The Appearance Of The Failure Surface,thereby Increasing The Bearing Capacity Of The Foundation.

- May 13, 2019-

For the simple plastic Geogrid,it is mainly suitable for dikes,tunnels,wharfs,highways,etc.,combined with spray anchor concrete construction methods for slope protection,not only can save 30% - 50% of capital,and can shorten the construction period by twice.the above.The plastic Geogrid will prevent the appearance of the failure surface,thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the foundation.

As far as the current situation is concerned,the plastic Geogrid uses more assembled panel reinforced earth retaining walls.The assembled panel modules are usually rectangular,hexagonal,cross-shaped,L-shaped,and trough-shaped.Geogrid's panel module planning can be flexibly pre-formed into a variety of shapes to provide an excellent visual effect,as well as the use of colorful cement to add the artistry of the Geogrid wall.

Regardless of the Geogrid building material,we have to distribute the load applied above it evenly in the formation.In short,when the soft soil foundation may be damaged by the overlying load,Geogrid will obstruct the damaged surface.The presentation of the foundation and then the carrying capacity of the foundation.When Geogrid is subjected to the gathering stress,the high elastic modulus Geogrid will generate a straight force component after the force is applied,and it will loosen and offset some loads.It can improve the bearing capacity of the Geogrid foundation.This effect can improve the subgrade loading rate and shorten the construction period.