The Three Most Important Factors In Geocell Construction

- Aug 17, 2020-

Geocell is an important part of the slope protection system, and the binding force of geocell is an important factor for our geocell to participate in the formation of the protection system. Giving full play to the effectiveness of the geocell's binding force is of great importance to improving the strength and stability of the road slope protection system. Today, let's talk about the three factors of giving full play to the binding force of geocell.


First: size factor

For the slope protection effect of geocell, many factors such as slope gradient, sheet height of geocell and welding distance of geocell should be considered. For projects with larger slope angle, the finished products with larger sheet height and smaller welding distance can obviously improve the strength of slope and realize the combination of geocell and grass planting, The use of high specification geocell on steep slope can make it work with vegetation to reduce soil erosion and improve the original bad ecological environment.

Second, the soft and hard degree of subgrade

Geocell should fully consider the quality of the foundation conditions in the construction of road subgrade. The use of geocell on soft soil subgrade such as sandy road can obviously exert the three-dimensional binding force of its network. Due to the high fluidity of sand soil, it is necessary to select the geocell with high strength, high height and high friction force In plain area, because of its high rigidity and poor fluidity, geocell with small sheet height can be selected for construction.

Third, whether the construction method is correct or not

Whether the construction method of geocell is correct or not largely determines whether the binding force of geocell can be effectively exerted after completion. The correct superposition construction method of geocell in retaining wall and other projects can not only play the role of greening, but also form horizontal binding force. In addition, the effect of layer by layer superposition can effectively strengthen the strength of retaining wall, and the construction on slope can effectively enhance the strength of retaining wall The construction is carried out from the top of the slope to the bottom of the slope, which is at a certain angle with the horizontal plane. Strengthening the fixation in the process of slope paving can avoid the situation that the geocell will not be pulled in a large area in the later stage of spray seeding, which will lead to the incomplete expansion of the cell unit, which is an important factor affecting the exertion of the binding force of the geocell.

To sum up, the specification and size, the soft and hard degree of the subgrade, and the correctness of the construction method are the three important factors of the binding force of the geocell. Only by selecting the appropriate geocell in strict accordance with the engineering foundation conditions can the safe and effective completion of the project be ensured, and the binding force of the geocell can be fully exerted.