The Use Of Geocells In Airport Construction

- Mar 01, 2021-

Subgrade is the key to airport construction. Subgrade construction that needs to withstand high bearing capacity is very challenging, especially in areas where the soil is soft and the soil is easy to settle. Although the roadbed made of asphalt concrete can meet the high load requirements of the airport, its construction process is complicated, requires regular maintenance, and the construction cost is relatively high.

      Geocell is designed for tanks to pass through the desert section. Similar to the construction of airport runways, the geocell for Airport construction provides safety guarantee for aircraft staying and taxiing.

      Geocell stabilizes the pavement base layer by reducing the filling amount by 50% and provides a more stable foundation, thereby extending the life of the pavement. It also provides surface protection for unpaved, permeable shoulders and passages.

The New Mexico Airport in the United States was built on a swamp. After more than eight months of testing, woven geotextiles, high-strength non-woven fabrics, two-way geogrids, geocells, etc. were selected. Full-scale tests were conducted and a year of Observations and experiments show that only geocells can reduce uneven settlement well, and can meet the requirements of the Airport Construction Authority! Moreover, the comprehensive construction cost is far more economical than other materials, and it has won many praises! For the construction of Beijing Daxing Airport, due to poor geological conditions and a short construction period, a geocell was chosen to enhance the foundation treatment, and the construction of the airport was successfully completed!

      The experiment proved that the depth of the area enhanced by laying the three-layer geogrid is not as good as that of a geogrid with a height of 100mm. Simply raising the geogrid will not affect the reinforcement depth. This also shows that the use effect of geogrid in airport construction is significantly better than that of geogrid.