100mm HDPE Geocell for Retaining Wall

100mm HDPE Geocell for Retaining Wall

It can be capable of expansion and contraction,and can be filled with earth and macadam when being stretched to network.
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Relying on advanced technical strength, honest service concept and first-class market development ability, Geosynthetics, Geocell Log Yard Stabilization, Cellweb Confinement System are popular in domestic and foreign markets. We take 'only better, not best' as our goal to continuously improve, win the trust of customers, and achieve the company's sustainable business objectives. In the process of continuous development, we have established a mutually beneficial and solid relationship with our customers.

The geocell has certain tension and ductility, which can make the subgrade and geocell form a continuous and flexible whole structure, transfer and spread the traffic load and the self weight load of the upper soil to a large range, then reduce the pressure on the lower soil and reduce the total settlement.

The lateral binding effect of geocell is mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1)  The friction effect of geocell on the soil outside the geocell;

(2) The effect of the geocell on the soil in the grid element.

Because the geocell provides a greater lateral binding effect on the filler, the side wall of the geocell produces an upward collision bearing force on the filler, forming a composite with a greater flexural tensile stiffness and shear strength. This complex can block the transfer of stress and displacement, and then it can flexibly transfer and coordinate the settlement of the top surface of half filled and half excavated subgrade. Moreover, it has a net pocket effect on some loads, which makes the load distribution more uniform.

The friction effect of geocell is mainly reflected in the interface between the filler and the wall of the geocell. The conflict force makes the vertical load partially transferred to the geocell, and then the mountain geocell partially transferred outward. Through this transfer, the foundation pressure can be reduced, and then the bearing capacity of the cushion can be reduced to reduce the foundation settlement and uneven settlement.


Q:What is the bearing capacity of the geocell?

A:The specific load-bearing effect depends on the specifications and standards of the product itself, but the load-bearing effect of using geocells is definitely better than that of not using geocells. The bearing capacity of using geocells is about 5 times that of not using geocells. And the bearing capacity of the geocell is the better one among the geosynthetics


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