Black Polypropylene Geocell for Road Construction

Black Polypropylene Geocell for Road Construction

Reinforced by HDPE sheet through high-strength ultrasonic welding and the formation of a three-dimensional grid structure.
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Reinforced by HDPE sheet through high-strength ultrasonic welding and the formation of a three-dimensional grid structure.Retractable and comfortable,transport can be folded,the construction of tension into a mesh,expand into a honeycomb-shaped three-dimensional grid,fill the soil,gravel,concrete and other loose materials,constitute a strong lateral and large stiffness of the structure.


Main products:

Smooth without Perforated HDPE Geocell

Smooth with Perforated HDPE Geocell

Textured without Perforated HDPE Geocell

Textured with Perforated HDPE Geocell



Height:50mm - 300mm

Welding Distance:254mm - 1000mm

Thickness:1.0mm - 2.0mm



(1)  The material is light,has a abrasion resistance,chemical properties stable,resist photo oxidation aging,acid and alkali resistant,suitable for different soil and soil conditions,such as desert.

(2)  Good lateral restrict and prevent slippery,prevent deformation,effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and dispersed loads function.

(3)  In order to meet difference projects need,the height and welding distance can be changeable.

(4)  Stretching freely,easily to expanded or contracted,has a small size when transport.

(5)  Easily for installation.



(1)  For the consolidation of railway subgrade.

(2)  For the consolidation of road subgrade.

(3)  For carrying the load of the embankment,retaining wall.

(4)  For shallow water treatment.

(5)  Used to support pipelines and sewers.

(6)  Used to prevent the landslide load-bearing hybrid retaining wall.

(7)  For the independent walls,terminals,breakwater,etc.

(8)  For the desert,beach and river bed,river bank governance.

Geocell in Road Construction


We can easily present you with almost every style of merchandise linked to our merchandise range for Black Polypropylene Geocell for Road Construction. Every moment, we constantly improve the production programme. We firmly believe that professionalism creates value and trust comes from responsibility.
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