Driveway Geocell

Driveway Geocell

The geowebs' 3D structure confines and stabilizes cohesionless soils,delivering strength and higher performance to soils than when unconfined.
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We have a technical team composed of several experienced technicians with rich practical experience and accumulation in the field of Geocell For Railway Embankments Stabilization, Geocell For Preventing Landslide, Fiberglass Geogrid For Pavement Reinforcement, which ensures the product quality and production process. We now have our very own manufacturing facility and sourcing business. With a strong scientific research and production system as the backing, our company can quickly meet the special requirements of some customers, carry out flexible production and sales, and constantly create impressive performance. We always control each production working procedure parameter strictly causing the production process to be at the controlled condition, thus guarantee product quality.

The three-dimensional reinforcement of the geocell can limit and stabilize the non-cohesive soil, so that the loose soil has high strength and performance.

The Geocell Supported Road Design System increases the number of effective structural supports and reduces the pavement demand by half of the traditional design depth. This not only reduces the cost of pavement construction, but also has good surface stability, which greatly extends the life of the road.

Geocell Supported Road Design can not only improve road quality, but also reduce costs. Therefore, this product is increasingly used in road construction projects and has become an environmentally friendly material commonly used by engineering builders.

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Our company adheres to the service tenet of 'providing high-quality Driveway Geocell and creating a century-old enterprise', and strives to provide services to our partners. If you are interested in our company's products and services, you can leave a message online or call for consultation. Our company's internal management focuses on the effective development and rational use of human resources. Adhering to the 'quality first, customer first', We are provideing high-quality, low-cost products and first-class service to customers.
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