Driveway Plastic Slope Honeycomb Grid for Gravel Stabilizer

Driveway Plastic Slope Honeycomb Grid for Gravel Stabilizer

The slope protection form has the advantages of low cost,short construction period,convenient construction,ecological and environmental protection,and the service life is about 50 years.
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Our company's goal is to attract our customers and expand the world Fiberglass Geogrid For Pavement Reinforcement, Geocell For Steep Slope Protection, Geocell For Water Management market. In line with the service tenet of 'integrity management and common development', we meet customer needs to the greatest extent. We sincerely consider from the perspective of customers, listen to their needs, and provide optimized solutions that customers really need. Our corporate culture is composed of responsibility, integrity, passion, dedication, aggressiveness and coexistence. We are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit and seek common development hand in hand. Our company is market-oriented and its products enjoy a certain reputation in the domestic market. After years of accumulation and development, we gradually have a complete and effective quality management system and a highly efficient and thoughtful after-sales service system.

Geocell forms a structure with strong lateral binding force and rigidity by filling soil, sandstone or concrete in a three-dimensional network, which stabilizes the soil structure

The geological unit to prevent landslides is to fill soil in a three-dimensional network or plant green plants to form a green ecological slope protection. This type of slope protection has low cost, short construction period, convenient construction and good ecological environment.


Geocell is the most advanced soil stabilization technology to solve the problem of soil stability. The interconnected units confine and stabilize the soil, which can significantly improve soil performance. The system protects slopes and landslides by stabilizing the soil and preventing soil erosion.




       Q:Which specification is better for Geocell of preventing landslide?
       A:This has a greater relationship with the slope of the slope. The slopes below 45 degrees 356-75, 356-100 are commonly used specifications; if the slope is steep, it is recommended to be used for retaining walls. As a retaining wall, a geocell with a higher height may be more suitable, depending on the project. .


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