Factory Price- Plastic Gravel Honeycomb Geocell

Factory Price- Plastic Gravel Honeycomb Geocell

Geocell is a geosynthetic cellular confinement system incorporating a matrix of ultrasonically welded lightweight,expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips.
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We attach great importance to the user experience of the product, so that we continue to optimize the Fiberglass Geogrid, geotextile reinforcement, Geocell For Green Faced Retaining Walls and enhance its performance. We continue to develop new products and improve existing products, and are committed to long-term technical cooperation and discussion with new and existing customers. With your support, we will build a better tomorrow! We keep quality-oriented strategy, and we practice continuous innovation, import advanced equipment from abroad, and control product quality with international standard. Our company takes the reform and innovation as the driving force to continuously promote the construction work of our company.

Geocell is a reinforcing material and usually used in large projects such as road construction, slope protection and mine construction. In order to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters such as mudslides and landslides, more and more attention is paid to the protection and treatment of slopes. Sandbags and gabion nets are commonly used materials for slope protection.

However, their construction is not convenient enough. Under permanent rainfall, the protective effect will be weakened. Therefore, the geocell has begun to enter the field of slope protection. Geocell for slope control can avoid possible sandbag gabion problems, and give full play to various geotechnical engineering functions.


Geocell For Slope Control



Q:Does Geocell for slope control need to be used with other geosynthetics?

A:If the project requirements for slope protection are relatively high, it is recommended to use geocells and geotextiles together, which will have a better effect. Because the geotextile plays the role of drainage isolation and prevention of soil erosion, when used with geocell, it can play a better role in slope protection.

We persistently pursue scientific and technological innovation to upgrade our Factory Price- Plastic Gravel Honeycomb Geocell in order to gain a place in the fierce market competition. Our company has formulated a set of scientific and strict corporate standards to supervise the company's process and product quality, and insist on excellence, to provide quality services to every customer. Our products have been recognized by most of our customers, so our customers introduce each other and establish a very friendly relationship.
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