Fiberglass Geogrid Used for Slope Protection

Fiberglass Geogrid Used for Slope Protection

Geomax® Geocells military road reinforcement designs are the best available ground improvement solution to construct military roads.
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To perfect our service, we provide the products with the good quality at the reasonable price for Geocell Drainage System, Geocell For Green Faced Retaining Walls, Geocell For Protecting Dams And Reservoirs. Excellent quality and professional service attitude have won wide praise for our company. We provide personalized services according to the characteristics of different types of customers, and proactively formulate perfect service standards for more customers. We are committed to putting people first, providing human resources for high-quality services, and encouraging employees to pursue the realization of self-worth.

HCNS Geocells military road reinforcement designs are the best available ground improvement solution to construct military roads.It reduces the logistic burden of military road building by using locally available soil – even sand – to reinforce the military road base and reduce the road layer thickness.Sustainable and secure routes are also important for civilian reconstruction.

In addition,HCNSGeocell’s military road protection design can impede tampering of the road surface by hostile forces,thwarting IEDS (improvised explosive device) and protecting lives!Safe patrol routes enable troops to establish control and security.

In addition to military road stabilization that provides superior ground improvement for military roads used by armored vehicles,HCNS Geocell reinforced retention walls with earth infill can be used as a fortified wall and barrier system for troops,military road encampments and sensitive military or civilian facilities.

Geocell Reinforced Pavements

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All of our Fiberglass Geogrid Used for Slope Protection meets the current national standards and industry standard product performance requirements. Love is one of our company's core culture since we believe that only by giving love to our customers and our company can we survive and develop. From production to sales, we strive for excellence in each product to reach perfection with the spirit of everything is customer-focused.
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