Geocell Geogrid for Protection of Slope Sand

Geocell Geogrid for Protection of Slope Sand

Geomax® Geosynthetics have developed proven products to protect surfaces and provide erosion control functions.
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Our company adheres to the core values of quality first and service winning, and is willing to work closely with colleagues and customers all over the world to promote the development of the Cellweb Confinement System, geotextile fabric, Geogrid For Subsoil Below Structures industry. The beginning of cooperation is the beginning of high quality service! We take quality as the foundation, development as the driving force, honesty and pragmatism as the basis, and bring value to customers as our responsibility to realize the long-term stable development of our company. Our company has many years of production and sales experience and we can well understand and cooperate with customers' needs and make response.

HCNS Geosynthetics offer many benefits over traditional construction techniques,by reducing project costs,construction times and reducing the volume of natural materials that are used and therefore reducing the environmental impact of transportation.


HCNS erosion control products for applications such as surface protection,protecting the structural stability of soils and retaining soil on slopes.Included in the range are biodegradable or non-biodegradable,seeded or unseeded erosion mats and three dimensional geocells used for retaining soils on embankments


Reservoirs and dams are eroded by rain all year round, soil loosens, and slope erosion is a common phenomenon. Traditional anti-erosion on the edge of reservoirs and dams is through sandbag accumulation, which has a short service life and is difficult to stop the erosion of heavy rains and floods.

Geocell for Protecting Dams and Reservoirs has relatively high working efficiency and long service life, due to the stable chemical properties of geocell, resistance to photo-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance. Compared with the traditional construction plan, the advantages of geocell are particularly prominent. In the era of pursuing environmental protection and energy saving, geocell, as an environmentally friendly material, is often used in major engineering projects.

    Geocell for Reservoirs       Geocell for Protecting Dams and Reservoirs

Our company's processes are complete and legal, and our Geocell Geogrid for Protection of Slope Sand is high quality and efficient at a reasonable price that has high buyback rate! We will continue to strive for excellence by providing high quality products that will exceed the expectation of our customers. Our company takes the integrity first, the customer as the respect service tenet for the customer favor. Looking forward to the future, our colleagues are confident to serve customers with the best service and products.
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