HDPE Fish Pond for Aquaculture

HDPE Fish Pond for Aquaculture

Geocell can be used for water channel and shoreline protection and on scour aprons,boat ramps and spillways.
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We are a professional company which specializes in manufacturing and exporting of honeycomb geocell, Geoweb Slope Stabilization, Geogrid For Subsoil Below Structures, offering innovative and competitive solutions to meet specific customer needs. We are constantly pushing forward the development of relevant applications and continuously developing forward-looking products and application technologies. We respond to changes in the times, flexibly change our business model, and continue to provide and deliver important products that meet the immediate needs of customers. We actively improve the production management level, ensure product quality, and make the perfect combination of hardware and software construction. We are at the forefront of the industry in terms of product variety development, quality control and marketing strategies.

A container yard refers to a place used to transfer and store containers in or around a container terminal. The ground of the container stacking yard needs to be flat and able to withstand the pressure of the stacked heavy containers, and have good drainage conditions. It has higher requirements for the bearing capacity of the ground and the drainage capacity.

The traditional container yard construction method consumes a large amount of materials and the construction is more complicated. The foundation reinforcement construction and the drainage system are separate systems. Geocell of Container Yards integrates foundation construction and drainage system construction. Using perforated geocells, while ensuring the stability of the foundation, drainage can be achieved through the voids, thus playing the dual role of stabilizing the foundation and drainage.

Geocell of Container Yards simplifies traditional construction methods, greatly reduces a variety of building materials, and reduces construction costs while completing the project with high quality. More importantly, the container yard is scoured by sea water throughout the year, and the stability of the foundation is easily destroyed. The corrosion resistance of geocell prevents this to a large extent and extends the use of the container yard life.


(1)Provides cost effective,long-term slope and channel protection and stabilization.

(2)Ease in transportation and on-site handling due to collapsible cells.

(3)Rapid and simple installation conforms to most terrain profiles.

(4)Ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensures maximum strength.

(5)Easily dismantled and subsequently re-used.

(6)Withstands high weight bearing loads.

(7)Resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil borne chemicals.



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